Our pond stocking business was started many years ago by Fred Laing.  Son Mike has kept the stocking business going over the last few years.  We continue to stock ponds and lakes in Columbia, Duchess, and Greene Counties.  Our delivery range is about 90 minutes from Hillsdale.  Spring stocking starts in late April.  We can advise you about numbers of fish you need based on the size of your pond or lake. 

Rainbow Trout:  The most popular choice for stocking.  We offer medium (10-12″), large (13-14″), and jumbo (15-16″) sizes.  The jumbos  weigh nearly 2 lbs!  

Brook Trout:  Native trout to New England.   We stock 10-12″ medium sized brooks. Said to be the easiest trout to catch, but Brooks need the coldest waters.
Brown Trout:  The Brown trout is European in origin, and the inspiration behind Izaak Walton’s The Compleat Angler written in 1653.   We stock medium sized Browns sized from 10-12″.  Browns are the most elusive and hardest to catch.
Stocking Permit:   Contact the NY DEC at the link below to apply for your stocking permit.  There’s no cost.  Submit your application to the Region 4 office for a permit.
Email Mike at for more information.